Friday, May 24, 2013

How much fun are you NOT having in your career?
“Work is a four letter word, and a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.”

Really? Is this what we are conditioned to believe? Or were these things written by someone who is just really unbelievably bad at their job?

I have often said that it is impossible to hate something that you are good at in this world. I mean I HATE rollerblading. I seriously despise it. I have never really spent the time to become accomplished in rollerblading. As a result I fall on my rear end, on my front end, skin my knees, and seriously fear my own death as the result of a tragic rollerblading accident.

If I were to practice and take the time daily, I would most likely be able to accomplish amazing rollerblading tricks on large wooden ramps in a year or so. I don’t really want that, but I could make it happen. As a result, I would look you in the eye and say, “Oh my gosh…I LOVE rollerblading!”

How often do we take the part of our career that we hate the MOST, and really focus on getting good in that area? How many months and years and repeated failures do we have on our emotional resume’ because we never took the time to become accomplished at something about our job that we hate? Guess what? We hate it because we have never dedicated the time not only to becoming adept in that area, but becoming REALLY good!

There is always that guy or gal at the office that repeatedly kicks everyone's butt in sales or performance. They appear to effortlessly coast through the day with pixie dust sprinkling their every move. We sometimes hate them. But everyone knows that we resent them for being able to do what we cannot…or HAVE NOT done. At some point in time, Joe or Josephine Pixiedust put in the time, the effort, and the conviction that it took to become good at what they do. Then it became a habit. So it was not effortless, and they never made a pact with Satan. They built a foundation, and now the upkeep is habitual. We need to emulate…not hate.

The most honest thing we can do with ourselves is to pinpoint what we do not like about our career and CHANGE it to something at which we excel. Dedicate the time to that part of your existence, and see what happens.

The best part of my job is hearing my Wrap-Aholic! vehicle wrap installers and designers tell me how much they LOVE their job!

We all know what THAT means.

Jennifer Reisch

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